Fast Facts

165 Albirean years (approx. 23 Earthie years)

Birthday: November 8

Birthplace: Southern Albireo 7


It's natural for Albireans to be pacifistic and inclined towards spreading love and peace in every way that they can, but for Igranka, her desire to keep love and peace alive is pretty much multiplied tenfold. Igranka is an incredibly good-natured woman with strong morals, upholding her family's value of being kind both to those who are kind to you and those who aren't. She may look a bit cold on the outside, but she's very empathetic, warm-hearted and does not have a mean bone in her body. She has quite the sense of justice and feels she has a desire to protect both herself and others, ensuring that love, peace, justice and good prevail. She thinks it's because her antennae are a bit stronger than other Albireans' in terms of their ability to detect when others are in danger. When she knows someone who's near and dear to her, or even somebody who might not be a friend, is in trouble or feeling down, Igranka will immediately jump to protect them and ensure that whatever's endangering them will be vanquished. Despite her naturally mature and sensible nature, though, Igranka likes to take things easy and loves a good bit of fun. She has a silly side like all Albireans and if you spend enough time around her, you'll truly be able to see it. Sometimes she does things which she doesn't realize make people laugh because they find it amusing, but when she realizes it makes them smile, it makes her happy too. Igranka and Maria met on Albireo 7 and bonded easily because they have similar interests in archiving media, research, and Earthie languages. Now, they're virtually inseparable when they're together.