Lindsay Sigrid Rosander
Fast Facts

Age: 20-22

Birthday: June 10

Birthplace: Pesci Island

Heritage: Swedish and Armenian


Lindsay is a quirky yet very refined and polite woman. She has a taste for exquisite things but at the same time she's a goofball. She doesn't let social norms box her in and is very into self-expression, but she doesn't like drawing too much attention towards herself. In fact, she's rather selfless and will leap towards protecting her friends whenever they're feeling down or in danger. She's quite humble and reserved, but not shy. If you start a conversation with her she'll be glad to chat with you, but don't expect her to start a conversation. She also has rather wild dreams which she chases, in hopes they'll come true. Lindsay is the kind of person who doesn't give up on her goals until they're achieved.

She is a lesbian. She's very close with Lumi and the two are in a relationship; they're also roommates. It's true that Lindsay has her silly side but when she's around Lumi, she's definitely the more reserved one of the two! Lumi often relies on Lindsay to teach her more about Earth customs, but sometimes Lindsay fears that Lumi's desire to seem more like an Earthie will cause her to sacrifice the things that make her a unique Albirean.