Lumi Astrea
Fast Facts

Age: 150 Albirean years

Birthday: March 29

Birthplace: Northern Albireo 7


Lumi is a woman who is very sweet and gentle, but sometimes she can be a tad bit naïve and scatterbrained. Her memory isn't the greatest, and she can be clumsy and ditzy at times. Yet despite this, sometimes she turns out to be quite astute when you least expect it - even more so than humans! She can be very mature and ladylike one moment, but more childlike the next. Despite her air of nobility, she is not snooty at all. Lumi is very curious and enjoys anything and everything that's new. Whereas others fear change, Lumi always welcomes it with open arms. Much like Lindsay, she loves to be silly and make both herself and others laugh. Cheerful and enthusiastic, Lumi has a goal to be the best version of herself, and especially enjoys things that make her "feel like a princess" because they boost her self-esteem. She is very girly and adores anything that's sparkly or celestial-themed. She came to Earth out of sheer desire, as she's always been interested in Earthies, their culture, and their customs. She asks lots of questions and has a bit of a tendency to take notes in a notebook or on her phone when she can in order to get to know Earthies more.