Fast Facts

153 Albirean years (approx. 21-22 Earthie years)

Birthday: January 4

Birthplace: Southern Albireo 7


Maria is very intellectual and curious about anything that interests her. She knows a lot and she's very structured and organized. Maria is diligent, hardworking, and patient, and she places a lot of value on preparing herself for anything that might come her way. She works cautiously and slowly when it comes to things that challenge her. She also has strong morals and loves rules. She doesn't like to break rules, and usually follows them verbatim, but if she needs to bend the rules she'll do that too as long as it doesn't mean doing anything dangerous. At the same time, she's positive and spunky, and also a natural musician at heart. She plays the guitar and the accordion, but like many other Albireans, she can honk a tune on her nose as well. And she loves to do this. She's also a great singer. Music isn't the only thing that interests Maria; she's also fond of Earthie cultures and languages, and wants to learn as many as possible. Her hobbies include archiving media from both Earth and Albireo 7, intergalactic travel writing, and general research as well. She and her partner Igranka traveled to many planets, and the two even took a trip around planet Earth before deciding to make Pesci Island their home.