Winona Kerry Bridgewater
Fast Facts

Age: 18-19

Birthday: July 18

Birthplace: Pesci Island

Heritage: Croatian and English


Winona is a laid-back and introverted girl who can be described as a bit of a lone wolf, but at the same time, someone who gets along well with her friends. She loves playing ukulele and is a bit of a hopeless romantic. She's also a fashionista, but mellow. She doesn't like to brag and doesn't care about being in the spotlight - she just likes to be the best version of herself that she can be for herself, as she believes loving yourself is important too! Her favorite season is summer, any tropical and floral prints make her smile, and when she's feeling super shy or embarrassed she wraps her long hair around herself, which is why she usually keeps it in pigtails. She's also a huge fan of music from the 60's and 70's, but she's a lover of music in general. She has a great sense of rhythm and plays the ukulele, as mentioned earlier, incredibly well. It's her most favorite hobby, in fact; she spends hours practicing it at home, and even dabbles in music composition. Lyrics aren't really her strong point, though. She embraces hippie and boho aesthetics a lot, too.

Winona is someone who is easy to please but hard to disappoint. If Winona's feeling sad, you know something is very wrong. She tends to find the good in whatever situations she can and doesn't let trivial things bother her. Winona has a pet guinea pig named Lubenica, after the Serbo-Croatian word for "watermelon," since watermelons are her favorite fruits. As she was never allowed to have a dog or a cat, she never really grew attached to them, and she prefers smaller animals in general.